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Do Not Track Plus 2.2

Offers tracking protection while browsing the Internet to Firefox users
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Do Not Track Plus is a Mozilla Firefox add-on designed to protect the browser's users from having their personal information gathered by advertising companies and social networks.
The add-on will show its users if social or ad networks and tracking companies are associated with certain websites. If a site presents no tracking risks, the message: "Clear skies! No tracking found here." will be displayed. History of the tracking attempts that have been blocked will be kept. The number of blocked attempts from social networks, ad networks and tracking companies will be displayed, as well as the total that they sum up to. The add-on will ensure protection from a pretty long list of suggested risk-posers. Tracking can be allowed or blocked for the entire list or for individual networks and companies from the list. Users can make their own blacklist and whitelist, containing addresses of websites from which tracking should be blocked, in the first case, or allowed, where the whitelist is concerned. Allowing certain sites to track their users can bring them benefits such as the fact that those sites will offer them items to consult based on their previous visits.
Briefly, Do Not Track Plus add-on is a useful tool for keeping one safe from being tracked while browsing the Internet.

Margie Smeer
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  • The lists of websites from which tracking should be blocked or allowed can be customized by users
  • Signals risks of tracking by certain websites and blocks tracking attempts according to user's preferences


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